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  1. First of all, reikia užpildyti anketą pagal reikalavimus tam tikroje skiltyje. Antra, aš tave jau buvau užkalbinęs apie šitą ban'ą tam tikrame discorde ir tavo atsakymas į nurodytą ban'ą buvo "Tu išgama". Sit tight arba ruošk kapeikas Troliui / Bullzai.
  2. Anketą reikia pildyti nurodytoje skiltyje.
  3. Your banlength was changed from permanent (reason: aimbot) to 24 hours (reason: toxicity) after checking the whole demo. Sorry for this misunderstanding and also try to be more respectful around other players. Good luck 👍🏽
  4. Currently checking what actually happened there. Also, you're talking about purchased admins (we don't choose them), but if they slip by abusing admin commands or false bans/mute/gags, they get a penalty.
  5. Can you prove that you sold these accounts since they don't belong to you if I understood you correctly when you said "made money selling these accounts"?
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