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  1. Thank you for responsiveness, noted.
  2. http://vimo.lt/stats/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=476804 admin http://vimo.lt/stats/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=570360 his friend asking for ban (we were accusing him of wh before might wanna pay some time and check kid out, he prefs offangles all the time). ^^
  3. if [SpecAdmin] is bought one then yes it was him. Im pretty sure its complete abuse as it was request by his friend who got nailed multiple rounds in a row
  4. Admin: Console Reason: [SourceSleuth] Your IP is permanently banned, so we're banning this Steam Account for 2 days (in case you have a Dynamic IP). I Length: 2880 minut "KaLean.. or something like that" He banned me for aimbot after 3 onetaps, we can watch demo and i can get vouches from latvia that people know how i play? And also maybe start choosing admins more wisely this is unbearable for person who came to play from other country. player named smoothes called admin and was repeatedly asking for him to ban me, i am pretty sure i am not using aimbot but aight. ( i came with multiple people from latvia that all can vouch and prove that i played valo nearly professionaly) idk if i will return to server unless u are making sure admins are more wise towards non-prime players.
  5. in addition Wild doesn't send any messages regarding transactions, but there is some proof from aqt too.
  6. https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/Paparde%234165/overview?season=all https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/shauju beernus%237790/overview?season=all https://tracker.gg/valorant/profile/riot/Vagiinkoferis%23MINET/overview?season=all i made money selling these accounts, watch act / 2 acts earlier ^^
  7. what exactly u want from my hours? i have about 2,5k on valorant, cs in total 100 max
  8. • Your Steam profile urlhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199298351326/ (banned) https://steamcommunity.com/id/eduarcarc/ (main that i lost)• Time, map and server you were punished?01:45 Today• Name of admin?kijuc... or smth, guy with pretty bad microphone• Explain the situation, what happened, why did you recieve the punishment? second acc no clue, as i have no access on account, but it was about ~100
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