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  1. 1. Jūsų Nick žaidime, amžius, bei nuoroda į jūsų Steam profilį. Atsakymas: My in-game nickname is Hermès and I am 18 years old (Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Devvking1ce/) My discord: Señor Max#9243 2. Trumpai aprašykite save. Kodėl norite tapti prižiūrėtoju arba pagalba? Atsakymas: I am a 18 years old guy from Latvia and I know Russian, Latvian, English, and little bit German languages. I have been staffing on games and large communities for 6 years now, recently finished being a Manager of a Unturned Network gaming community named Syntale Network which has over 10 thousand people in it and so on more, I am a LEM player in cs:go and I've got over 3 thousand hours on this game. I would really love to help this community grow and help out of some issues that are currently running in some of the servers and rule breakers, I can assure you hiring me would not give you a single regret as I can put in 6-10 hours daily on the servers/staffing. 3. Ar esate kada nors buvę administratoriumi? Jei taip, kur? Atsakymas: I've been all of the staff ranks including co owner of servers and mostly I have been manager for my trust and seriousness on the staff job I take seriously and abuse is not tolerated. I've been staff over 21 gaming networks, but I will not name them all, but I will name the most recent one which I was a Manager for 8 months and recently retired from it. 4. Kurio Vimo.lt serverio prižiūrėtoju/Pagalba norėtumėte tapti? Atsakymas: I mainly play Surf servers and I would like to become a Surf server and public aks deagle, awp server staff member to watch over the surf servers so they are to they're finest all the times. 5. Kaip dar žadate prisidėti prie projekto be tvarkos prižiūrėjimo? Atsakymas: I will recommend the servers and mostly post a advertisement for them so which could gain at least 30+ people for the servers depending on which way I'll make the advertisement popular. 6. Galbūt jus rekomenduoja kažkuris iš esamų prižiūrėtojų? (+rep)? (Čia galite parašyti jo Nick) Atsakymas: Sadly no I haven't met any really staff member on the servers not even when I made an report.
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