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  1. Ok bro, nevermind. I ll never play csgo again due to this shitty nigga server. I hope you all get fcking cancer and you all die of it. And i also hope your whole family dies too. U fcking bitch i m not fcking cheating and denis is also not fcking cheating. You are bad and especially that nigga falcon is soo bad that he bans denis´s accout 4 times for cheating like dude he has 7k hours and gets fcked by rainbow six players HAHAHHAA. I hope a fcking war starts in lithuania and i hope all lithuanian gay ass niggers get cancer. I will never talk to a lithuanian person again because you are all fcking gay niggers who deserve to die. Ill search for another awp server and you guys are shitty. Oh and falcon i have your ip so if your internet is bad in the next few days then i m so so sorry
  2. Dear VIMO bros Me and my friend denis play r6 and we got banned for 15 days due to toxicity. We have no games to play so we decided to play some good old AWP servers. Vimo is my favourite bcuz i like the server very much, but there is one problem. Some admins ( Falcon, auramo) keep banning denis for cheating. We are not csgo players but we are good at snipers so the admins think we are cheaters. Denis got banned 3 times from falcon and 1 time from auramo for wh and not saying a main acc. Falcon also banned denis´s IP so we cant play anymore vimo :( Then on top, falcon banned me aswell for cheating and the reason was ´´find another servers which allows cheating´´. I have a prime acc with 100+ hours so why should i cheat in some random servers??? makes no sense right? falcon was also very very rude to me and my friend. we also go te chat so... falcon bans people for no good reason,he is toxic and he thinks VIMO is his server. This is not appropriate and you, as the leader, should think about that. My ban in r6 ends in 10 days and in these 10 i would love to enjoy some AWP sessions with my mate denis. We are totally innnocent and falcon should be punished for his childish actions. If you want, we can also have a call on discord where we explain in details. We really love VIMO, to be honest, i play on VIMO like 6 months sooooooooo i love vimo hahahahah. I hope you can talk with falcon and you can unban us because we are totally innocent. If you want you can watch VOD. our steam id´s are: STEAM_1:0:537768864 STEAM_1:0:596480607 i hope everything will be fine. Cheers and have a good one. peace <3
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