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  1. I only have one account, it is the main one. I played without cheats. there were no reasons for blocking.
  2. • Your Steam profile url https://steamcommunity.com/id/antispy/ • Time, map and server you were punished? 21.03.2021 ~23:30 UTC 2:00+ • Name of admin? • Explain the situation, what happened, why did you recieve the punishment? I killed the admin a couple of times and was blocked. For type cheats. Watch the demo please. I've been playing here for a long time, I have good statistics and I like the server. Я убил администратора пару раз, и был заблокирован. Типа за читы. Посмотрите демо пожалуйста. Я тут играю уже давно, имею хорошую статистику и мне нравится сервер.
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