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  1. So im still banned got on , wanted to go play , but it says im still banned.....
  2. Ohhhh. I think most of internet providers in Latvia arent static ,but ill check . Thanks for your help tho.
  3. Your username and link to your profile - 0 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199126033451/When, in which map and server did it happen? - No idea What's the name of the admin? (If you know) No idea Explain the situation, what happened, why did you receive the punishment? - I have no idea , on 09/05/2022 i wanted to play deagle only i tried joining and it said i have been banned , i thought it was a mistake , so i waited more than 2 days , but no I,ve been IP banned for no reasson . I dont use alts , dont see the point of using an alt to play on community servers. I hope I can get unbanned , cause there aint any other good deagle servers out there.a Thanks for the replies in advance.
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