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Unban Sollip

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Player SoLLip
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:204797022
Steam3 ID [U:1:409594045]
Steam Community 76561198369859773
Invoked on 2023-08-30 21:58:12
Banlength Permanent
Expires on Not applicable.
Reason wh ir silent aim. -Soffter
Banned from Web Ban
Total Bans No previous bans
Blocked (1) SoLLip

1.  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198369859773/ 

2. 2023-08-30 21:58:12 awp only server, timing could be from 21:00 to 21:58, map maybe fy pool day vim, or cs max dont remember

3. -Soffter ?

4. I played on your server yesterday for maybe an hour or more, shut down pc and went to sleep. Today I want to play a bit and I am surprised that I have ban.


Ok, so what I don't understand is why and how I got banned? Was I spectated? Did admin atleast save a demo on me that he can share, so other admins can see no reason for ban?

I don't have wh I play by radar, sound, common sense and flick shots. My stats are nothing special 1,3 kills vs deaths ,accuracy probably around 20 to 25% , hs ratio probably around 20%. I have couple thousand kills and 50 to 100 hours played in your server. I have never ever used any cheats in any server in any game.

Please unban me, I like playing on your server.

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you got caught cheating that's it, we watched the demo. You made it so obvious. 

There's nothing to add honestly!

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Thanks for reply. I have never cheated in any game, I have never had any cheats on my pc. I'm 30 y old and play only for fun after work. It's a shame I got banned as I liked playing on your server. Can you please drop demo where you suspected me cheating here on forum?

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  • All Admins must have evidence when they are trying to prove something and when they are asked for proof of why they banned/kicked/gagged etc.
    Punishment: ban 1d + warning.
  • Kek 1

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